Rabies Antibody Test - Customer information:



·         According to the studies conducted (The Research Laboratory for Rabies And Wild Animal Pathology in Nancy, France) on 25,000 sera, it was demonstrated that around 14% of primo-vaccinated dogs had titers below 0.5IU/mL (Cliquet et al., 2003)


·         Studies show a strong correlation between the antibody level and the time that elapsed between the last vaccination and the blood sampling (at least30 days according to the European Regulation 576/2013)


·         The level of antibodies produced is higher with monovalent vaccine than with multivalent vaccine


·         Cats immune response is generally better than those of dogs



Cliquet, F., Y. VerdierL. SagnéM. AubertJ. L. ScherefferM. SelveM. Wasniewski and A. Servat (2003)

Neutralising antibody titration in 25,000 sera of dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies in France, in the framework of the new regulations that offer an alternative to quarantine.

Rev Sci Tech 2003 Dec;22(3):857-66

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