Rabies vaccination immunity testing is NOW available at CVRL

Dear Valued Customer, It is with great pleasure to inform you that the CVRL is now offering a rabies antibody test by the Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization method (FAVN) for rabies vaccination immunity level determination. FAVN testing results are approved by the Ministry of Climate Change And Environment (MOCCAE), UAE (Click here to view MOCCAE approval) as well as the European Union (Click here to view EU approval).
Fluorescent antibody virus neutralization (FAVN) test is Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Click
here to view the ‘Certificate and Scope of Accreditation’.
With immediate effect the CVRL can only accept RABIES ANTIBODY TEST REQUISITION FORMs (FAVN) that have been filled in TYPED with all requested information on samples submitted. This amendment has been made mandatory to avoid CLERICAL ERRORS on the documents.
The CVRL appreciates your co-operation in this matter.


·         The stringent FAVN test requires requisition forms to be signed by the submitting clinic/veterinarian. No changes after submission are allowed to be undertaken either by the submitting veterinarian or by CVRL staff. Forms are available at CVRL or can be downloaded from CVRL website: http://cvrl.ae/cvrl-pdf/Rabies_Antibody_Test_Requisition_Form.pdf

·         The last rabies vaccination details are required for each animal and previous two vaccination dates, if available.

·         1-2mL of serum without preservatives is to be submitted, spun and separated from the clot. Serum must be clear: lipemic or grossly hemolyzed will not be accepted. Securely attached labelling must be clear and must include the animal’s microchip number

·         Test results will be released within 3 weeks. Regular CVRL office hours apply both for sample submission as well as result delivery. Results will only be released to the submitting clinic/veterinarian.

·         CVRL will charge AED 750 (excluding vat) per sample submitted. Payment can be made by cash, cheque (made payable to Central Veterinary Research Laboratory), or through electronic bank transfer (bank details are available on the CVRL website: http://cvrl.ae/bank.php

·         The FAVN titer test, once submitted, can only be cancelled by written authorization from the submitting clinic/veterinarian faxed or emailed to CVRL. Written authorization for cancellation must be received prior to sample testing, otherwise the full fee is still applicable

·         A waiting period of at least 21 days between rabies vaccination and blood sampling is advised for optimum antibody response.

·         Pet importing countries have considerable variations in their legislation with regard to the period of acceptance of Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization (FAVN) test results. Hence, CVRL cannot respond to inquiries regarding the validity of our established FAVN results with regard to such national legislation and will not be held responsible for any failure of the client to conform with national test result periods of acceptance.

·         All test results will be sent to our clients via email. A hard copy of the results may be collected from CVRL during working hours. Any clients requiring a hard copy to be couriered to them must provide their full address with contact mobile number at the time of booking the test. Hard copies will be sent via FedEx and will incur an additional charge of AED 100 to 150, depending on the destination country.

·         Please note that rabies testing is performed on Mondays or Tuesdays. Any samples received on or before the preceding Thursday will be processed the following week, subject to the availability of a slot in the testing schedule. Delivering your samples according to this schedule will help to reduce the turnaround time for your results.


Please don't forget to attach our import permit along with the parcel to avoid any hiccups at Dubai airport/customs. This permit can also be downloaded from our website and the link is: http://www.cvrl.ae/cvrl-pdf/imp_permit.pdf It is very important that a copy of our import permit is attached both inside and outside the parcel, which will ensure smooth flow at Dubai airport. The samples should reach CVRL in cool condition; but use of dry ice is not recommended as it will change the category of the consignment to a higher level of inspection at customs. Use of ample ice cubes and cool elements will serve the purpose rather than dry ice. Please bear in mind that we do not have any clearing department or personnel for that purpose and therefore it is recommended to send the samples either through FedEx or DHL, who will deliver it to our door. Our physical address for that purpose is:

Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL)
17 Sub street of 22 A Street
Community 337
Zabeel 2
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3375165 (Monday to Friday 08:00 am to 04:00 pm) and 050-7486956 (during holidays and after office hours)


Payment policy for Rabies FAVN testing has changed to a pre-payment basis. CVRL can only start sample processing after having received cash payment or a copy of the bank transfer with a signed requisition form attached. Payments for customers with monthly payment contracts remain unchanged.

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FAVN Frequently Asked Questions

Is CVRL an EU-certified lab to perform rabies serology for pet travel?
Yes, CVRL is an EU-certified laboratory to perform rabies serology for pet travel

FAVN test and OIE-FAVN test are the same?

Yes, both tests are the same. The CVRL performs the FAVN test in accordance with the OIE recommendations.

Is the FAVN Test the same as the RNATT?
The RNATT (Rabies Neutralizing Antibody Titre Test) is the same as the FAVN test.  Rabies Neutralizing Antibodies are detected by the FAVN Test Method which is expressed in International Units (titre).

Why is the FAVN test necessary for my pet?

Most rabies-free countries require that dogs and cats take the FAVN test before they can enter a country with a reduced quarantine period. A positive FAVN result (>/= 0.5 IU/mL) indicates an adequate response to the rabies vaccine and protection against rabies.

How much does the FAVN testing cost?

The cost is AED 750.00 per serum sample plus 5% VAT.

Sample Submission

How long should I wait after my pet has been vaccinated before drawing the sample?

A minimum of two rabies vaccinations is recommended to ensure the most effective results. Wait 14-21 days between vaccinations to ensure an optimal antibody response. Draw blood for testing after 14-21 days after the second vaccination. Note that some countries have strict rules regarding when blood should be drawn. Therefore, we strongly recommend contacting regulatory authorities directly in your destination country.

The monovalent vaccines were found to produce better antibodies against rabies than multivalent vaccines.

Do I need to fast my pet beforehand?
The pet does not have to have fasted unless the serum is grossly lipemic. For a lipemic sample to be avoided, fast the animal from 8-12 hours prior to getting its blood drawn.

My sample is grossly hemolyzed (reddish) or lipemic (fatty). Will it affect the testing?
If the sample is toxic to our cells due to hemolysis, lipemia, or contamination, a ‘toxic’ result will be sent out, and testing fees may apply. To reduce the chance of hemolysis, pour off serum from the clot into a transfer tube for submission. To avoid lipemia, a fasting sample (8-12 hours) is recommended.

How much serum do I need?
We recommend submitting 1.0 to 2.0 mL of serum per animal.

Is it OK to draw the blood sample in a serum separator tube?
The sample can be collected and sent in a serum separator tube (gel separated, red-top tube, tiger-top tube, gold-topped tube). When using a serum separator tube, it is best to pour the serum into a 3.0 to 5.0 mL non-additive tube and send only the serum portion of the sample.

How long can serum be stored?
The serum should not be stored for longer than seven to ten days in refrigeration before shipment. In the case of prolonged storage, the serum can be frozen at -20°C.

My pet has two microchip numbers. Can I list both on my FAVN form?

In the case of two microchips, the first number listed on the requisition form is captured on the test report. However, the second microchip number will appear in the comment section as a reference. 

How much information should I provide about rabies vaccination history?
Record the dates of 2-3 rabies vaccinations if applicable. Please check with the destination for their specific requirements. 

What are the requirements for the destination?
The CVRL's role is to test the serum and provide a result. To learn more about the requirements for the destination, you can contact a quarantine authority in the destination country.

Can CVRL provide blood collection services?

CVRL does not undertake sample collection. Please contact a veterinary clinic.

Sample Shipping

Packing Instructions - In a small shipping box, place the following:

·         Plastic bag containing sealed sample tubes, labeled with the animal's microchip number/name and wrapped in paper towels or other absorbent

 materials in case of leakages

  • Pre-frozen gel pack/cool elements
  • Packing peanuts or bubble wrap for cushioning

Outside the shipping box

  • CVRL Import permit
  • Typed in duly filled out CVRL - FAVN REQUISITION FORM 
  • and any accompanying paperwork or payment details

Can the pet owner submit a sample for FAVN testing?

CVRL does not accept samples directly from the pet owner for travel purposes. The clinic is responsible for the sample drawing, labeling, packaging, and associated services. The results will be sent to the submitting clinic unless the submitting clinic gives written permission to send the results directly to the pet owner.

For samples sent from abroad, pet owners should check with the veterinarian for permission to schedule the shipment of the sample to CVRL.

Does the laboratory accept weekend delivery?
We accept weekend delivery deliveries.

Contact: Tel. 050-7486956 (during holidays and after office hours).


When are the results ready?
The delivery time of the FAVN test results may vary without notice. CVRL, however, tries to release the results within three weeks.

Can you offer express rabies antibody testing?

No, CVRL does not provide express Rabies antibody testing.

When can I get my test done in a shorter timeframe?

If the sample reaches CVRL by Friday, we will include it in the earliest testing schedule, depending on the availability of slots. If everything works as planned with testing, the results will be released the following Friday.

My pet’s rabies titer failed (was less than 0.50 IU/mL). What should I do now?  What is the reason?

We recommend that you consult with your veterinarian about the possibility of another rabies vaccination and obtaining another blood sample. After a re-vaccination, it is recommended to wait 14 - 21 days before taking a blood sample to allow the pet to develop a higher antibody response. 

There are several reasons why pets do not develop sufficient rabies antibodies after vaccination:

·      Too young to have a mature immunity therefore several vaccinations are necessary.

·      No booster dose administered 3-4 weeks after the primary vaccination.

·      Use of sub-standard vaccines; only use vaccines from well-known companies.

·      Animal under stress, e.g., heat stress.

How long is the FAVN test valid?
The destination countries decide how long the FAVN test result is valid, please check directly with them.

What is the procedure for reissuing a rabies FAVN report?
If you are the submitting clinic, please send us an official request to

If you are the pet owner, please have your submitting clinic request the reissue. The reissued FAVN Report is sent to the submitting clinic unless the submitting clinic authorizes to release the report directly to the pet owner.

I need to make a change(s) on my FAVN Report Form. What should I do?
Any change inquiries should be emailed to

How long will the original test result be available at CVRL?
After the date of release, the original test report is available for pickup at CVRL for a maximum of 3 months.

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