Equine Export from UAE

Horses being exported to any of the above countries need to meet the following conditions.


Must have been resident on the premises under veterinary supervision for at least 40 days prior to export. This means that the veterinary surgeon must have visited the premises at least once per week during the 40 days prior to export and must have satisfied him/herself that no officially notifiable contagious or infectious diseases of horses occurred during this time.

Blood Tests:

Horses must be tested negative for the following diseases using blood samples collected within 21 days of export

  • Infectious Anaemia (Coggins Test)
  • Dourine (Complement Fixation Test)
  • Glanders (Complement Fixation Test)
  • African Horse Sickness (ELISA)
  • Equine Viral Arteritis (SNT) - For Males only

A veterinary surgeon will have to collect the samples and submit them together with the correct laboratory form, fully completed and signed by the submitting veterinarian, to the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, Dubai.


During 60 days prior to export but NOT within 14 days of export, all horses must have received either :

  • Two vaccinations against Equine Influenza (given in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations) OR
  • A booster dose to a previously certified primary course of vaccinations.

Export Health Certificates:

In order to obtain an Export Health Certificate, Exporters/Agents should submit the following documents to the Veterinary Department at the Emirates Racing Association.

  • A fully completed Export Health Certificate Application Form (available from the Veterinary Department at the Emirates Racing Association)
  • A copy of the Equine Influenza vaccination page and the Silhouette/Identification page from the horse's passport.
  • The blood test results (when available)


Administrative/Ministry of Environment and Water charges are payable per horse plus per consignment before the certificates are issued; these are in addition to Veterinarian/Laboratory charges.

Veterinarian and Laboratory charges must be paid directly to the Veterinarian and Laboratory respectively.

Contact Emirates Racing Association (ERA):

As the rules, regulations and costs are dependent on the import/export regulations within each country, please contact ERA Vet
Department for any enquiries regarding charges.

Tel: +971-4-331 3311
Tel: +971-4-332 5464

Email: vetsec@emiratesracing.com