Biosafety Laboratory

At a request from the World Health Organisation, CVRL has set up a Biosafety Level-3 laboratory. Our team will monitor the movements of influenza strains in the Middle East, with the aim of controlling, reducing and eradicating the impact of influenza.

We have employed specially trained staff to work with indigenous and exotic agents which can cause serious or potentially lethal diseases after contact. This includes various bacteria such as Burkholderia mallei, Bacillus anthracis, Brucella, Clostridium botulinum, Mycobacterium and Legionella pneumophila as well as viruses like the African Horse Sickness virus, Equine Influenza, Foot and Mouth Disease, Equine Encephalitis, the Rift Valley Fever virus, Blue Tongue virus and Peste Des Petits Ruminants virus. Most of these microorganisms are OIE A-listed

In addition, our scientists are diagnosing and isolating highly contagious samples of the deadly Avian Influenza virus (Bird Flu - H5N1) and H1N1, which makes the necessity for a Biosafety L-3 facility even more crucial to the health of both animals and humans.

The laboratory has set special engineering and design features in place to guarantee facility controls and prudent practises. These controls minimise, to the greatest extent possible, the risks associated with laboratory operations and the use of bio-hazardous material.

An independent control body certifies the Biosafety Level-3 Laboratory.

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