Camelid Antibody Facility Unit

In 2010, CVRL created a new department, the Camelid Antibody Facility Unit (CAFU), for the production of camelid hyperimmune immunoglobulins.

The team at CVRL immunise a donor herd with an antigen of choice, e.g. toxoid of C, perfringens A, which is isolated in the UAE. Blood is collected regularly and plasma is treated further to yield highly purified polyclonal antibody preparations.

The unit was established with the scientific advice from Dr. Robert Harrison from Alistair Reid Venom Research Unit, Liverpool, United Kingdom, and Mr. Herwig Reichl from Hamosan LSS GmbH, Austria.

Future Perspective
CVRL's team is developing camelid hyperimmune sera against snake venoms for human application, for therapeutic use in animals and positive control sera for diagnostic purposes.

Product details can be found in CVRL's "Biological Reagents Catalogue".

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